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MOREANU Law. Expert Legal Services.


MOREANU Law believes in a cutting edge approach in regard to its clients, driven by our pursuit of excellence. We focus on building strong and high quality partnerships, ensuring our representation and expert legal expertise every step of the way. Keeping our clients constantly informed and helping them avoid risks lies at the core of our belief.


Following fruitful collaborations within major law firms, we have acquired critical insight knowledge of legal requirements necessary to successfully protect the internal legal interests of major group of companies and an unparalleled insight into the mechanisms behind European Union legislation.


In choosing our collaborators wisely, we ensure both legal counseling and representation regarding various business sectors and coverage at national level.

Expert Areas

Complex transactions background. In-house relevant know-how. European perspective.


Assisting clients in respect of general corporate matters.


Representing clients in relation to several hundred litigation files.


Representing companies in relation to the negotiation and signing of financing agreements in excess of EUR 150 million.


Expertise in relation to every part of a real estate investment starting from construction and ending with sale.


Advising on different aspects related to labour legislation, such as labour agreements and collective dismissal procedures.


Expert advice in 2,000+ major contracts: sale, lease, trust, FIDICs, financing, suply, SHAs, JVAs, escrow, project development, etc.

Our Recent Work

Landmark projects and extensive expertise. Multi-sectorial experience, in-depth knowledge, and ability to manage multiple legal work-streams simultaneously.


What Our Clients Say

  • Mrs. Dana PETCU
    (Country Manager | DIOR)

    Mr. Moreanu is representing the legal interests of our company for approximately 2 years, and it is comforting to know that our interests are protected at the highest level. We would strongly recommend MOREANU Law to any company interested in being provided services by one of the best professionals in the legal market.

  • Mr. Darius SCHEIBLE
    (Managing Director | VGP Romania)

    As Managing Director for the Romanian subsidiary of VGP, a leading international project developer of high-quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate and ancillary offices, I have worked with Daniel Moreanu in 2007, the entering date of VGP on the Romanian market.
    Through professionalism and commitment to his client’s interests, Mr. Moreanu managed to support the legal interests of our company under the complex transaction at that time, and we look forward to working with him on other assignments.

  • Mr. Daniel AVNY
    (President | Multigalaxy)

    While working with Mr. Moreanu, I have always received prompt and thorough legal research and analysis coupled with solid legal recommendations. He has led the negotiations and been in a supporting role that yielded successful outcomes. Mr. Moreanu has a good understanding of the law and our business and provided us reliable advice on various positions and issues. He is extremely prompt, available to help on short notice with critical matters, including evenings and weekends. I highly recommend Mr. Moreanu firm to anyone that may need its services.

    (General Manager | Civitas Group)

    I have worked with Daniel Moreanu Law since March, 2015 and it has been comforting to know that I can rely on Daniel’ steady legal guidance every time. He is very knowledgeable regarding business law issues, has remarkable skills as a lawyer and a results oriented approach.

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