New Law on employees’ days-off during closing of schools

On Saturday, March 14th, 2020, a new Law has been published on the obligation of public and private entities to grant days-off to their employees for supervising their children in case of temporary closing of schools.

The provisions of the above-mentioned new Law are applicable under the following circumstances:

1. the child has no more than 12 years (or 18 years in case of children with disabilities);

2. the work does not allow working from home / tele-work.

During this period the employee is entitled to 75% of the gross salary (limited to 75% of gross salary used for setting the State Budget, which for year 2020 is Lei 5,429), which may be reimbursed to the Employer from the special State Fund.

Such provisions are applicable based upon a written Request filed by the employee accompanied by a Statement issued by the other parent stating that he/she did not requested similar days-off. This Statement shall be required only in case the parent is married.

The number of days-off are established by Government Decision.