The Approval of Construction Methodology

Recently, the Order for the approval of the Methodology regarding initiating, programming, procuring, developing, endorsement, approving and capitalizing on technical regulations and the results of specific construction activities, as well as for approving the amount of membership allowance in specialized technical committees and in general coordination committee, was adopted.

According to the provisions of Law no. 10/1995, the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration (hereinafter referred to as „M.L.P.D.A.”) has attributions regarding the initiation, programming, acquisition, elaboration, endorsement, approval and capitalization of technical regulations and of the results of specific activities correlative to the regulation activity.

Under the authority of M.L.P.D.A., the General Coordination Technical Committee is organized and operates, a body for coordinating the content of technical regulations and specialized technical committees, advisory and endorsement bodies in the activity of construction regulation. The technical regulations are approved by order of the Minister of Public Works, Development and Administration, at the proposal of the specialized directorate, with the approval of the coordinating Secretary of State.

The capitalization of the technical regulations is achieved by publishing them, in accordance with the approval order provisions, through posting on the website of M.L.P.D.A., under the construction section, in order to ensure free and unrestricted access to information of public interest.