The approval of the SMEs Leasing Program of equipment and machinery

Last week, the G.E.O. regarding the approval of the Support Program for Small and Medium Enterprises “SMEs Leasing Program of equipment and machinery” was adopted.

The program aims to provide guarantee facilities by the state, in the form of making available annual guarantee ceilings for leasing financing for the purchase of new or second-hand movable assets, necessary to carry out the activities of SMEs, as well as the affiliated entreprises with an equal or greater number of 250 employees, to non-bank financial institutions registered in the Special Register at the National Bank of Romania.

The maximum cumulated value of the state guaranteed financing that can be granted to a beneficiary within this facility is 5 million lei.

The funding is intended for the purchase of new and second-hand movable property for eligible beneficiaries who comply with the terms of the program and comply with the internal rules and procedures of the financiers and benefit from guarantees issued by F.N.G.C.I.M.M. in the name and on behalf of the state, as a representative of the Ministry of Public Finance.

The maximum duration of the leasing period is 72 months, with the possibility of granting grace periods lasting between 3 to 12 months. At the same time, between the Ministry of Public Finance and the F.N.G.C.I.M.M. an agreement is concluded establishing the rights and the obligations of the parties regarding financing under the State Guarantee Program.

Thus, the state guarantee is provided with a legal movable mortgage on the movable goods owned by the financiers, which are the object of the leasing type financing, based on the guarantee contract.