The law regarding energy performance of buildings has been amended!

Earlier this month, a new Law was adopted to amend and supplement Law no. 372/2005, regarding the energy performance of buildings.

The purpose of this law is to promote measures to increase the energy performance of buildings, taking into consideration the outdoor climatic and location conditions, the indoor comfort requirements, the optimal level in terms of costs and energy performance requirements, and the improvement of the urban planning appearance of localities.

To support the national park of residential and non-residential buildings and its gradual transformation into a real estate park with a high level of energy efficiency by 2050, the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration is developing a long-term renovation strategy that is approved by Government decision.

In the case of new buildings, as well as in the case of major renovations of existing buildings, the requirements regarding the technical systems in force at the time of drawing up the projects regarding the overall energy performance shall be complied with.

For the new buildings whose planning certificate is issued after the 20th of Semptember 2020, the investors are required to provide equipment with self-regulating devices for the distinct regulation of indoor temperature and air quality. In each directly heated/cooled room or in a heated/cooled area of the building and/or building unit, there must be self-adjusting devices, if this is technically and economically feasible.