The management of compostable non-hazardous waste

In the second half of August, the Law on the management of compostable non-hazardous waste was adopted, by recycling/capitalization of this type of waste, using the option of composting/anaerobic digestion, in order to protect human health and the environment.

Within 6 months from the entry into force of the law, the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will develop and approve the Technical Norms by joint order.

Starting with January 1st, 2021, the local public administration authorities, the administrative-territorial subdivisions of the municipalities, respectively their inter-community development associations, must implement the system of separate collection of biodegradable waste, to extend the door-to-door collection of bio-waste in the urban environment, doubled by the implementation of the “pay for what you throw away” scheme, and encouraging the individual composting in rural households.